Terms and Conditions

Correspondence is best facilitated by email and it may take me a day or two to respond. If you send me an email regarding an order please be sure to give me the full name used to place the order.


Paypal is the preferred method of payment. I also accept Money Orders.

Credit Cards: I do not accept any credit cards at this time.

We are not a warranty repair station and do not guarantee products or a product’s performance.

Returns: Please return all warranty claims to the manufacturer. We will be glad to assist you with address and phone numbers.

Defective products are the sole responsibility of the manufacturer.

Changing Processed Orders:
Be sure to have your complete order ready when you call, mail, or place an order on the web.
We cannot add to, combine multiple orders, remove from, initiate a price check, or change your order in any manner after it has been received.
Web orders are locked as soon as they are received. Be sure to be accurate and double check your mailing address and email address, especially on mail in and web orders.

You must be 18 or older to order merchandise or a catalog. If under 18, please have your parent or legal guardian place the order, and/or request our list. We will not knowingly process an order, or send a catalog to an underage person.

All references to the knives, accessories, or products we may sell will be collectively referred to as “merchandise”.
When you order or purchase any merchandise from Gunstock Jack’s Knives & Collectibles by any method, you represent by your actions as a condition of purchase that you:
1. are at least 18 and of legal age to purchase the merchandise ordered, and that the merchandise can be legally purchased and possessed by you under your applicable Local, State, County, City, and Federal laws.
2. understand and agree that Gunstock Jack’s Knives & Collectibles does not offer any guarantee of performance or expectation, and that the merchandise by its very nature may be dangerous and potentially lethal. And that you assume all risks associated with ownership and use of the merchandise, and will not hold Gunstock Jack’s Knives & Collectibles responsible or liable for any injury resulting from ownership, use, misuse, or defect.

Gunstock Jack’s Knives & Collectibles does its best to correctly represent products it sells, with photo, price and copy. Sometimes we make mistakes. If such a mistake should occur, your order will be corrected to reflect the proper information.

Thanks for your understanding.

Shortages / Damages:

Shortages and shipping damage must be reported within 24 hours of receipt of goods. You must keep all shipping boxes, invoices and packing: without them claims will be denied.
USPS will want to inspect them. Contact us for instructions to insure proper credit or replacement.

I reserve the right to change any prices at any time, without prior notification. Prices may be subject to limited availability on some items.